Literotica Reading List

Thank you for coming to Naked Girls Reading: Literotica, our last show of the decade. Which erotic excerpt was your favorite?

Good Porn
Secretary by Mary Gaitskill
Story of O by Pauline Reage
Delta of Venus Erotica of Anais Nin
Story of My Life by Casanova

Bad Porn
The Best Worst Erotica Ever Written
Pirate by Fabio Lanzoni
Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Blue Cheesecake by Charity Parkerson

Cyber Sex
Tinder Profiles
Wanna Break My Star Wars Cherry? Craigslist
Amazon Sex Toy Review
AOL Sex Chat Wellhung & Sweetheart

An Excerpt from Ecowhore’s Whore Diaries
Underneath it All by Traci Lords
Tanqueray Humans of New York
Skinema by Chris Nieratko

Song Lyrics
ILBT Joe Walsh
Lori Myers by NOFX
Bilingual by Chep Nunez
Dildo Desires by Killer Pussy

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